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Sur-Seal Covers An Industry Leader in Aluminum Domes & Covers

We Always Ensure You Have The Right Product For Your Specific Requirements

Corrosion resistance meets customization, to deliver one of the most innovative tank storage solutions on the market today — Sur-Seal aluminum geodesic domes and covers.

Sold exclusively by Weston & Associates, Sur-Seal domes and covers provide superior performance, maximize usable tank capacity, and are highly cost-effective for larger tanks. Weston & Associates always ensures you have the right product for your specific requirements.

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Sur-Seal Covers
An Industry Leader in Aluminum Geodesic Domes & Covers.
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Why Selecting the Right Roof Matters.

Highly Engineered + Maintenance Free

Selecting the right roof depends on tank design, size, strage material, and many other conditions. Sur-Seal domes and covers excel specifically in oil and gas tank industry, as well as potable and wastewater tanks, due to the corrosion resistance aluminum alloys used in the manufacturing process our domes and covers do not need to be painted. As well as being lightweight, self-supporting, and don’t require costly roof structure supports, unlike steel and cone roofs.
More benefits:

Durability +
Leak Protection

All Sur-Seal domes and covers are engineered for maxium weather-tightness. While being designed to the specifications outlined in the latest API 650 codes and standards our tanks use double-sealing on clamp bars and interlock panels to provide additional protection for both new tank construction and retrofit operations.


Low Maintenance Cost +
Reduced Emissions

Our domes and covers provide a low maintenance product that does not need to be painted due to the aluminum alloys being corrosion resistant unlike fixed steel roofs and rebolting is a thing of the past with the lock bolt connections. Our domes and covers also reduces wind-induced vapor loss, aids in odor control, and provides significant emission credits by cutting emissions by over 90% when installed over an EFR.


Custom Engineered +
In-Service Installation

Sur-Seal domes and covers are specifically engineered to accommodate a wide range of spans and loading conditions unique to any operation or specification. Giving our customers options when it comes to installation — either erected on the ground beside the tank or on an EFR and easily lifted into place. All domes and covers come with a standard 5-year warranty.

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Having complete control over the engieering and design process allows us to ensure all of our customers receive the highest quality materials, the best products, services, and price.